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About Us

How to start a story about something that was created out of love for this beautiful hobby, which eventually grew into a business? It all started back in 2000/01, when I first attended a fly-tying class, which was organized by fly fishing organization "South Morava" from Vranje (my hometown). I then saw the president of fly fishing organization of "South Morava" (now my very good friend) tying a very simple "black ant", and I was mesmerized! At only 15 years of age, I focused all my energy on getting the basic tools and created a home made workshop. At that time there was no specialized shops for fly fishing or fly tying materials and as a result it was very hard to get all the necessities. Despite the setbacks, with a lot of will power I was able to collect everything that I needed to enter the magical world of fly-tying.

A couple of year later, in 2003, I had a conversation with the owner of a fishing store in Vranje. I concluded that he did not have a stable and high-quality source of artificial flies, and the demand for them and popularization of fly fishing was going uphill. Just two minutes later the first order of my artificial flies was under way!

The volume of business was constantly growing, and with the ability to reach all potential customers as our primary goal, the only option was to go on line . In December 2010 we registered the Internet domain, but because of my journey to America at this time, we were unable to achieve all our plans that same year. However in 2011, we continued where we had left off. Much more skillful at this time, and with much more enthusiasm and experience we continued creating internet presentations, which would enable our current and future customers to easily navigate through the various groups of artificial flies, and make a selection, giving them a fast and simple way to purchase high-quality artificial flies.

From the very first fly sold, up until today,  our range of flies has only been growing! On our web page we display flies that are highly evaluated and subsequently proven in fishing on a variety of rivers and lakes. To create our flies we use only high quality domestic and import brands, we believe that is the only way to create high quality and very long-lasting artificial flies.

Also we would loved to address you fly-fishermen, who do not tie your own flies, but do have ideas and a vision as to what flies would be best suited for your local rivers / lakes. We openly accept any suggestion and proposals that you have, so that we may provide you with fishable and high quality flies, ensuring every moment you spend on the water, will be a moment to remember.

In front of workshop "Rooster fly" and web page, best regards!

  Marko Mašić.